Just me...

Most people are two-faced!  There is the face that we portray to the public, our game face, work face, a dinner party with the boss face. Then there is the real self, the one full of emotions, the sometimes scared, the sometimes sad, the sometimes doubtful and for some, even depressed.
As my subscriber list is growing I thought this would be a good time to come clean and talk about myself, as I want us to be friends. I want you to read my newsletter and/or blog, so I want to be honest, open and real.
Here we go then,  let's start from the beginning with the basics:
Born in the UK in the wonderful 60's the elder of two daughters. Our Mum passed away in the early 70's and Dad in January of this year.  So I am officially an orphan, which is a bizarrely surreal feeling.  I am a 5-foot petite (some say potty mouth) 55-year-old grandmother (Mimi) of two adorable granddaughters.
My art journey started long ago at high school; I was originally in a typing class trying to find my way around a qwerty keyboard and the joys of touch-typing. Unfortunately, for the life of me, I could not do it. Perhaps knowing my right from my left would have been a good start!  Eventually, my typing teacher took me aside and said, "It's just not going to happen". She suggested that finding a new subject would be a more effective use of time for both of us.  So, after consulting with my advisor, I found the only art class that still had space and as I kinda liked drawing, made the midterm transfer. It wasn't long before the art teacher noticed that I had quite a flair for pencil work and started paying extra attention to me. With her guidance and tuition, I excelled in my art exams and thought I would be a shoe-in for art school - wrong! I needed another year of school and some more academic exams under my belt before art school would accept me.  So needs must, I was to go get a job in the real world and start earning my keep. Off I went at 17 years of age and got myself a job!
Fast forward, it has taken one 5 minute failed marriage, emigration to the USA, 33 moves (I am serious) 5 of which were transatlantic, two beautiful daughters and the near collapse of my 2nd marriage before I found art again.
We tipped up in Florida 10 years ago where we decided to take a step back and focus on our marriage and ourselves.  This was pretty alien to me, as I had been hyper-focused on family for so long that I never found time for myself.  In this new process of taking care of myself, I took some art classes and my passion was reborn. I met this crazy lady in the middle of a divorce, who was building her own decorative painting company. We soon become best friends (Batman and Robin) and began to work together. To quote UK band Madness "Oh what fun we had", faux painting our way around Sarasota County!
Then four years ago my husband took a job in Charlotte NC and we moved again. This time I made a decision to stick with my art, so I rented a studio and my individual pieces began birthing at a regular pace.  
Like everything and everyone I am a work in progress but feeling happy and blessed to be in my current spot...But still missing Batman of course!