What to share and what not to share is the question?

I truly enjoy giving, as it gives me such pleasure. However, as an artist, I am really torn over how much (if any) of the creative process it is ok to share?
Whilst one wants to grow one's audience, do we just end up with just other artists following us hoping to learn a new technique or to gather product information and resources rather than securing new collectors?

It's relatively easy to get followers on Instagram and Facebook, but attracting qualified buyers is an entirely different story. And attracting the right customers, increasing perceived value and growing sales volume is a reasonable goal for any artist or any business person for that matter!

When I began taking classes from other artist-teachers, invariably their process would become my process, at least for the duration of the class and some time after. That bothered me as I didn’t want to paint like other artists. I wanted to paint like me!  I wanted my own process, something in some way unique to just me.  As artists we embark on a journey to find our own style, we generally draw from techniques and ideas from those who taught and inspired us and then use them in ways that result in work that looks like our own. Developing our own style is like trying on clothes you immediately know what suits you and what you ultimately feel most comfortable in.  I am constantly experimenting and then practicing with my successes and slowly, over time everything I have learned has evolved into a style that is truly mine.
I am more frequently being asked to post a video or to give a detailed account of how I create certain art pieces of mine. I believe that as artists we should support each other's journey, but when I have taken art classes to learn a different method or product, I have paid handsomely for it. The professor, teacher or company would not have thanked me for leaving the classroom and then teaching their process for free.  I have researched other artists website and I would like to quote from one well-known artist - PLEASE NOTE - XXXX DOES NOT GIVE ADVICE ON HIS TECHNIQUES, MATERIALS OR ANYTHING ELSE RELATED TO THE CREATION OF HIS WORK.

So, I think maybe its ok to be somewhat secretive ( if that's what you want to call it) it maintains our uniqueness, it keeps us fun and profitable!

When the time is right and I have had enough practice and gained enough confidence I will share my process ( maybe a class or online course) hopefully in a way that encourages others to find their own process too. Right now I am (like many of us) a work in progress.

Side note -From a buyers perspective, when looking at art do you need to recognize it’s creator? Do you admire artworks for how they’re made or the finished product? Does knowing about how an artwork was created change the way you perceive it? Tell me what you think.