Getting Down to Business

How do you network?

Are you like me?

If so then you'll find this both exciting and terrifying!

“We can only grow if we are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when we try something new”  -Brian Tracey

When choosing Art as a career we are essentially in charge of our own destiny.

This means we are 100% responsible for our own success!

Does your heart call you to spend all your waking hours creating in your studio?

Me too!

But in our heads we know we have got to stick our necks out!

Whilst regular studio hours are imperative and sacred, the marketing side of our business is critical as without it we sink before we set sail.

In order to do this, we MUST have Internet and Social Media presence.



Me too!


But, I am slowly making some progress, so I thought I would briefly share what I know so far.

Website - Its an absolute must have, as no online platform can promote your work the way you present it on your own site.

Unless you are particularly good at web development, I strongly suggest you have a professional design for you.

Homemade websites often look just that!

Make sure your site is easy to navigate and does not leave the reader wondering.

Invest in some good photographs!

Avoid too much color, this can distract from your work.

Make sure your site is mobile friendly!

A good website should make your work shine.

There are so many different website builders available on the market, all offering a range of features from responsive themes and hosting space to eCommerce features. It's best to do some research to determine which one provides what you’re looking for and whether or not the platform can meet your needs. Some of the most highly regarded website builders include Wix and

I myself use It is not the cheapest out there but it meets my requirements and for a non-techie, it is easy to navigate and has online tutorials. A definite must-have for me! 

Social Media - has changed the way we use the internet as a part of our business strategy.

I profess to be a newbie!  I am fumbling my way around gathering information and trying to do the best that I can for someone who is not technically astute.

For this reason, I have chosen to stick with Facebook and Instagram for the moment.

 I am tinkering with Pinterest, so I will report back on how that goes at a later date.

I endeavor to post daily pictures on Instagram of my art pieces and how they are taking shape.

I post blog links and some art pictures on my Facebook page.

(but not every day.)

Both sites are very visual so it is a good space to showcase art.

This being said things seem to change weekly. Facebook's algorithm now penalizes link-based content, and Instagram has made it all-but-impossible to share a link. So very frustrating!

Social marketing is a lot of work, and it takes time listening and responding.

After all, it's social, and anything social takes an investment of effort and time.


Links that I have found useful      

If you are a visual learner then there are many podcasts and you tube videos out there to assist you.

TED Talks: Social Media Marketing

Academy of Art University's Tips for Building Your Art Career on Social Media -

We don’t have a choice whether we DO social media THE QUESTION IS how well we do it!
— Eric Qualman

So dear friends I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read this.    I wish you luck on your journey,  and hope it goes smoothly. 

My number one goal is to connect with you all if I can be of help along the way then that is a bonus.

Please feel free to share your comments, thoughts or tips.  I would love to hear them!

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