I consider myself an abstract artist, who loves to experiment with all mediums; but more recently I find myself obsessed with resin. I draw inspiration from everyday things and immerse myself in the process, indulging my passion.

When I start  work on a new piece I have a plan in my head, but usually just let the art take shape along the way and love the fact I never know where it will take me until I get there!
I pride myself on producing pieces that are always unique, imperfectly- perfect and expressive.

My work is free-flowing and multi-layered, with an attempt to convey my philosophy of being present, grateful and passionate about life.

In the past, I have worked in the decorative painting field with both commercial and residential clients.  Now, I am fully focused on my individual art pieces. I strive to push the boundaries, not to be mundane but to stay focused on every small detail along the way.

When I am not in my studio, I enjoy interior decorating, hiking and being anywhere with nature. 

I am originally from London, England. But have lived in the United States for 27 years and currently reside in Charlotte, North Carolina with my husband Paul and dog Bella. I have two grown daughters and recently became a grandmother!

"Family like branches on a tree: we grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one."